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Pourable and Laminating Epoxy Resins

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POOLKEMIE specializes in the formulation and manufacture of epoxy systems for many different application areas. Here are some examples and features:

Two component pourable or laminating epoxy resins (clear or charged), low viscosity, excellent wetting and surface finish. Some epoxy formulations are thixotropic for vertical applications.

The 2 component epoxy resins are easy to work, curing at room temperature with a chemical reaction forming a solid compound with excellent mechanical and thermal resistance, without shrinkage, and excellent dimensional stability.

Owing to these properties, epoxy resins can be used in different applicative sectors, from industry to nautical.

Properties of epoxy resin

  • Room temperature reticulation
  • Some type of epoxy require hot reticulation.
  • Some type of epoxy have high fluidity (casting or laminating application)
  • Some type of epoxy have viscous or in paste (for vertical application)
  • Low linear shrinkage (absent if the system is charged))
  • Good wetting and surface finish
  • Exellent mechanical resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Exellent wear resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent dielectric or conductive properties (thermal conductivity)
  • Usually epoxy resins can be charged to obtain special properties

Applicative sectors

  • Building: Epoxy adhesive for metal and wood structural bonding, object mounting
  • Flooring: realization of resin flooring - multilayer, self levelling or simple coating.
  • Furniture: kitchen tops, tops for decoration, shower floors, design elements.
  • Models Foundry patterns: realization of high precision patterns with excellent wear resistance and dimensional stability.
  • Style models: realized using epoxy pastes applicable manually, with mixing machine or with roller for constant thickness (the final product is highly tooling workable).
  • Copy/negatives models.
  • Electrical insulation: application for high/low voltage, encapsulation of electronic components or transformers and capacitors, encapsulation of cable junction.
  • Matrices and moulds: realization of rigid and strong moulds for the reproduction of objects, vacuum thermoforming moulds.
  • Nautical and aeronautics: realization of structural elements of boats and aircrafts.
  • Marble and porous materials: Epoxy systems for flow-coating, reinforcement and restoration of marble slabs and blocks. Resins with high transparence and excellent resistance towards yellow tendency. Consolidation of porous and absorbent materials, like wood, porous stones, cement, bricks, plasters, etc.. Flow-coating for capillarity; the product can penetrate from 1 to 3 mm according to materials. The treatment makes the surfaces impermeable and gives a higher consistence.

Poolkemie products are simple to use, technically innovative and provided with high mechanical characteristics.

We’d like to invite you to discover the world of Poolkemie....

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