Urethane plastic casting resin
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POOLKEMIE® : supplier a complete range of polyurethane casting resins for many applicative sectors. Bicomponent (Polyol and Isocyanate) polyurethane pouring resins hardening at room temperature.

Different formulations pure or filled, transparent or colored, with different working times, demoulding times, fluidity and mechanical properties.
Some formulation can expand - foams - forming a stable compound rigid or elastic.

The pure polyurethane resins are usually fluid and can reproduce faithfully all the details. Very easy to use, rapid demoulding, and very high mechanical properties. They can be charged with charges of different nature (trihydrate alumina) or light fillers to obtain low specific objects.

The filled polyurethane resins can usually tooling workable, characterized by no linear shrinkage, excellent dimensional stability and surface finish.

Among the most innovative products we recommend a new polyurethane formulation. This is a transparent bi-component polyurethane resin for casting (PU026 or PU027 rigid resin, PUE 182 T elastomeric version) used for different applications such us resin LEDs, encompass of objects and electrical circuits. The final result of the cured resin is the transparence like the glass with absence of yellowing in the time even when subjected to intense UV radiation.

Polyurethane casting resin - Properties:

  • Room temperature curing
  • Casting resins (high fluidity)
  • Easy to use
  • Fast curing
  • Chargeable with appropriate fillers
  • No linear shrinkage
  • Reproduction faithfully all the details
  • Smooth surface finish
  • High crash and scraping resistance
  • Dielectric or conductive properties
  • Some formulation can expand - rigid or elastic foams
  • Alifatic type Can be crystalline clear - UV resistance
  • Flexible - impact resistant

Applicative sectors

    Industry: Production of patterns for foundry, rigid moulds, patterns for foundry, models, small/medium sized objects, electrical insulation, incapsulation of electrical boards, incapsulation of capacitors, semi conductors gasket protection, LEDs protection.
    Rapid prototyping: Realization of demonstrative prototypes of different size..
    Modelling: Serial reproduction of small and large sized resin articles. The moulds are realized with silicone rubbers, the resin is used to realize the models.
    Handicraft: Reproduction and repair of wooden objects, resin products.


    • RESIN PU 087 (HARDENER PUH-887)
      Bicomponent 1:1 pourable liquid plastic polyurethane resin. Low viscosity (bubble free), fast curing, rule definition.
      The resin is pigmentable and highly filleable (using special charges it is possible to obtain fireproof products).
      Available fast hardener for thin layers and slow hardener for bigger masses.

    • RESIN PUC 097 (HARDENER PUH-1097)
      Bicomponent polyurethane casting resin, 100:25 Charged resin - Rapid prototyping. No linear shrinkage.

    • RESIN PU 026 (HARDENER PUH 220 B)
      Liquid solvent free Pure Aliphatic casting urethane resin - High grade of transparence.

    • RESIN PU 880 CE (HARDENER PUH 880 B)
      Liquid solvent free polyurethane system. Casting resin for electric components.

      Special vacuum pouring polyurethane resin . Similar to PVC, PP, PE, ABS. High Thermic resistance (200°C).
      Hardness 40/65/80/90 shore A.

      Polyurethane liquid plastic casting resin similar to polypropylene. Rapid prototyping field.

    POOLKEMIE® products are simple to use, technically innovative and provided with high mechanical characteristics

    We’d like to invite you to discover the world of Poolkemie....

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