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The pourable resin are usually bi-component liquid products hardening at room temperature with the addition of a hardener. Some type of pourable resins are one component hygro hardening. Once catalyzed, the casting resins are characterized by excellent mechanical and chemical properties.

POOLKEMIE provide a complete range of liquid casting resins the main systems types are based on:

  • Epoxy resins
  • Polyurethane resins
  • Polyester resins
  • Acrylic resins

Properties of pourable resin and types


Low viscosity for casting application, low linear shrinkage, excellent definition. Available pure clear or charged formulations. Some type have high thermic resistance (up to 110°C), quick demoulding, some types are transparent. Suitable for realization of flooring, encapsulation of object, design furniture, prototypes, electrical insulation, mold making.


Available pure or charged formulations of polyurethane liquid plastic casting resins free from solvent. Pure polyurethane resins characterized by low viscosity, linear shrinkage almost zero, rapid hardening, excellent definition. Suitable for realization of prototypes, foundry patterns (where it is required excellent wear resistance, dimensional stability and high precision), modeling. mold making, electrical insulation. The pourable polyurethane resins can be pigmentable and highly filleable (using the charge AL 3 H it is possible to obtain tooling work, low specific weight and flame retardants products).


Water base mono and bi-component liquid casting resins. ECORESIN is a powder that cure with the addition of water - ratio 100:28 in weight. ECORESIN HR PLUS is a powder that cure with the addition of a water base acrylic catalyst - ratio 100:50 in weight. They are used for the realization of statues of small, medium and large dimensions, objects, cornices and so on. Available many different formulations of one component acrylic resins for many applications additive for cement (to obtain specific properties of the finished product ex. Elasticity, hardness and impact resistance), waterproofing membranes.

Poolkemie products are simple to use, technically innovative and provided with high mechanical characteristics.

We’d like to invite you to discover the world of Poolkemie....

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