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The resins silicone base are bicomponent products the cure at room temperature with the addition of a hardener.

Available two types of silicone resins:

  • Compact silicone resins
  • Foamed silicone resin

Properties of compact Silicone resins

Compact bi-component silicon resin mineral-organic composition. The components liquid mixing has low viscosity.
Characterized by a rapid curing with no expansion obtaining a very high mechanical (compression and flexion strength) properties and excellent chemical resistance.
The product is ecologic and no toxic suitable for the application in rocks and ground surfaces.
Ideal for the consolidation of not stable grounds and rocks and for fill the discontinuities and porosities, with a waterproofing action.

Properties of Silicone Foams

Bi-component silicon foam characterized by silicone mineral-organic composition.
The component liquid mixing has characterized by low viscosity. Very rapid hardening with a high expansion power.
After the curing the products presents good mechanical (compression and flexion strength) properties and excellent temperature resistance,
self-extinguishing, high chemical resistance. Ecological and no toxic product suitable to be used injected in the rocks and ground surfaces.
To consolidate the areas with the presence of cracks, discontinuities, and macroscopic porosities, providing an effective waterproofing action.

Poolkemie products are simple to use, technically innovative and provided with high mechanical characteristics.

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