Polyurethane and Epoxy tooling boards
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POOLKEMIE® supplies a comprehensive range of two types of Tooling boards for modeling , with different density and workability properties :

  • Epoxy tooling boards
  • Polyurethane tooling boards

Available various dimensions, densities, thickness and temperature resistance.

The epoxy and polyurethane Tooling boards are used for tool making in modeling and prototyping applications for model styling, patterns, models, patterns, jigs, moulds, gauges. They are available in various densities ...

Epoxy tooling boards for modeling

Realization of models with high precision and low tolerance. The block are tooling workable manually and with machine. High temperature resistance. Good chemical resistance. The models obtained from epoxy resin slabs are characterized by excellent mechanical resistance, high values of compression and flexion strength, smooth surface and no linear shrinkage or expansion.

Polyurethane modeling Board

The pre-cast polyurethane block are more easy to be worked by tooling (either manually or with automatic systems machines) than the epoxy ones. Good thermic and chemical resistance. High mechanical properties - compression and flexion. Ideal for complex models that requires an high grade of precision.

POOLKEMIE® products are simple to use, technically innovative and provided with high mechanical characteristics.

We’d like to invite you to discover the world of Poolkemie....

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