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Polyurethane rubbers for mold making are bicomponent liquid elastomers that cure at room temperature.

The polyurethane liquid rubbers are easy to used, they can be applied by casting or brushing on the model to realize the mould. The standard formulation of polyurethane rubbers requires the application of the release agent on the model to allow the demoulding; the release agent has to be applied also into the moulds before pouring the gypsum or resins. The self release polyurethane rubbers are characterized by an oily surface that can avoid the application of the release agent into the mould before the casting of gypsum or cement.

The polyurethane rubber moulds can be used to reproduce many different types of object in cement or gypsum, waxes, ceramic pastes. For example garden furniture, decorative gypsum articles, statues, frames, sanitary fixtures,..

Special formulations of polyurethane rubbers are used for production of:

Faux stone molds / Imitation stone moulds

  • Concrete paver molds

    the application of concrete paving molds involves polyurethane rubbers for moulds (Hardness shore A 65, 70, 80, 90), the moulds are used to impress the stone design on the cement surface (stamped concrete).

    POLIMOLD NC 65 - 70- 80 - 90 - Concrete paving molds
  • Faux stones panels-siding

    the application of faux stones panels / faux stones siding involves polyurethane rubbers for moulds (Hardness shore A 25, 30, 40, 55), the model used for the realization of the mould is a real stone.

    POLIMOLD NT 25 - 30 - 40 - 50

Urethane rubbers characteristcs:

  • Liquid casting
  • RTV curing
  • Easy to apply
  • Linear shrinkage near to zero
  • Self release type
  • Excellent reproduction of details
  • Excellent elasticity and toughness
  • High abrasion resistance
  • high resistance to hydrolysis
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Polyurethane rubbers types

    Polyurethane Rubbers Self-release

  • POLIMOLD SERIE HR - Self release Polyurethane rubber - Hardness from 25 to 40 shore A
    Oily surface for easy demolding. Low viscosity and low specific gravity. Suitable for casting concrete and gypsum products. Small and medium sized molds.

  • POLIMOLD SERIE HRPLUS - Self release Polyurethane rubber - Hardness from 25 to 40 shore A.
    Not oily self release polyurethane formulation.Easy "delivery" with very low linear shrinkage.

    Polyurethane Rubbers Not-self-release

  • POLIMOLD TR series - Polyurethane rubber - Hardness from 30 to 70 Shore A.
    Tool workable. Waterproof properties. Suitable for realization of moulds for producing precasted concrete elements, imitation stone panel, sanitary fixtures. Medium and large sized.

  • POLIMOLD NT series - Polyurethane rubber - Hardness from 25 to 40 shore A.
    Polyurethane rubber used for the realization of elastic moulds. Medium and small dimension. High precision of the details reproduction. Used for the realization of cement, gypsum or wax products and for the realization of moulds for imitation stone panels.

  • POLIMOLD NC series - Polyurethane rubber - Hardness from 50 to 90 shore A.
    High dimensional stability and no linear shrinkage. Suitable for realization of medium lage dimension moulds. Widly used for the realization of concrete paver moulds.

  • POLIMOLD E Series - Polyurethane rubber - Hardness from 70 to 90 shore A.
    Charged polyurethane rubber use for the production of rubber articles or moulds for ceramic and sanitary Industry. - Tool workable and waterproof.

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