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POOLKEMIE : Complete range of unsaturated polyester resins: Orthophthalic, Isophthalic and Vinylester.

two-component resins pure or charged, can be applied by casting or stratification.

Good mechanical properties, high wettability toward fiber mat and chargeable with mineral powder.

Some type of polyester resins have thixotropic properties and can be applied in vertical surfaces.

Orthophthalic polyester resins are the most popular and economical for many different applications - realization of statues, synthetic marble, fiberglass articles,.

Isophthalic polyester resins have higher mechanical properties than orthophthalic resins and are used where it is required high resistance, for example in nautical sector.

Vinilester resins type is the family with the highest performance. The higher mechanical resistance and the higher temperature resistance (more than 120 °C) among the polyester resins. Are used in nautical and aeronautic sectors to realize structural elements of boats and aircrafts and in others applicative sectors..

Polyester resin properties and uses


  • Automotive and nautical fiberglass elements, shock absorber, suspensions, competition boats, surf-boards, etc…
  • sanitary fixtures shower, sinks etc…
  • buildings roofs, conservatories, chemical resistance coating for tanks, etc…
  • Technical items: Rock climbing grips and wall holds. Sporting articles
  • Marble and granites: Protection and consolidation treatment of marble surfaces and granites slabs. Ornamental stones



  • RESINPOL 386:

    Unsaturated orthophthalic polyester resin. Easily loadable with fibre and mineral fillers. Can be pre-accelerated or can be accelerated before the use. Polyester resin used for the realization of nativity figurines, synthetic marble, technical objects, etc…

  • RESINPOL 228:

    Insature acrylic-polyester resin, transparent crystal clear, fluid for casting. Used for the encapsulation of objects, realization of design furniture elements. Available different type of hardener also for high thickness casting.


  • RESINPOL R 601:

    Orthophthalic polyester resin for laminating. Tixotropic formulation. Used in buildings for the realization of building elements, in nautical, technical articles, etc…

  • RESINPOL 302:

    Unsaturated Isophthalic polyester resin. Can be pre-accelerated or can be accelerated before the use. Used in nautical for the realization of structural elements of boats. It is characterized by higher mechanical properties than the orthophthalic resin.


    Vinylester resin for laminating application suitable also for vertical application thanks to its tixotropic property. High resistance to chemical attacks both basic and acidic. Among the family of polyester resins it is the type that has the best performance (almost comparable with epoxy resin ones).
    Excellent temperature resistance (more than 120 C).

POOLKEMIE products are simple to use, technically innovative and provided with high mechanical characteristics.

We’d like to invite you to discover the world of Poolkemie....

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