Epoxy resins for Paving
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Properties and categories of resins for flooring


Fluid transparent epoxy resin that can be applied pure or charged with quartz powder. Used for the realization of self levelling and multi layer paving, obtaining high thickness up to 1 cm. The resin flooring are characterized by excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance. Available special formulation low viscosity that can cure also at low temperatures and in the presence of humidity. They are used to consolidate and reinforce cement structures, stones, wood etc… The application method can be the low pressure injection..


Formulated bi-component coloured epoxy systems for flooring. The support can be cement screed, wood, pre-existent floors. Types: multi layer, (the resin needs to be charged with quartz powder), self levelling (the resin is used pure) or coating (very thin thickness, film).. Thickness from 0,3 mm (for film) up to 10 mm with multi layer type. Available the complete range of RAL colours.

  • EPOXFLOOR 50 CNC - Multi layer epoxy system for paving
  • EPOXFLOOR PVA 15/20 - 3 Self-levelling epoxy product for monolithic floorings
  • EPOXFLOOR RP 30/408 - Epoxy coating for flooring


Water base, bi-component epoxy systems for flooring used as protective layer and atoxic covering (coating). The product is fluid and can be diluted with water. Available complete range of RAL colours. Can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

  • HYDROPOX PK 201 - Water base bi-component epoxy coating suitable to be applied also in presence of humidity on the support surfaces, the product can be diluted with water. Smooth finish, high chemical resistance, extremely resistant to dumpy. Available complete range of RAL colours. Can be applied by brush, roller or spray.
  • HYDROPOX PK 50-100 - Transparent water base epoxy primer. It penetrate down in the porosity of the support and increase the consistency and the superficial hardness.

POOLKEMIE® products are simple to use, technically innovative and provided with high mechanical characteristics.

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