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The rubbers for moulding are elastomers (flexible moulds) mono or bi-component. The bi-component rubbers for moulding are silicone rubbers and polyurethane rubbers and cure at room temperature with the addition of a hardener, the one component rubbers for moulding are natural latex.


    SILICONE RUBBERS (two main family of products):

  • Poly condensation base - Ratio 100:5 in weight
  • Poly addition base - Ratio 100:100 and 10:1 in weight

The silicone rubbers are bi-component rubbers for the production of flexible molds. The silicone moulds are used in different applications as for example art works for the realization of concrete/gypsum statues and objects, artistic foundry, models (elastic moulds for the realization of models), artistic candles, modeling, rapid prototyping, architectural restoration (elastic moulds for the realization of architectural elements of monuments and historic buildings), shoe industry, pad printing (production of the pad for ink transfer), special effects and scenography.

    POLYURETHANE RUBBERS (two types of products):

  • Self release - Ratio 100:100 in weight or different according to the type and hardness
  • Not self release - Ratio 100:100 in weight or different according to the type and hardness

The polyurethane rubbers are bi-component rubbers for the realization of flexible moulds. The polyurerthane moulds are used in many applicative sectors such us art works (cornices,statues, objects in gypsum or cement), models (realization of polyurethane rubber models), modeling (realization of polyurethane rubber modelings), special effects and scenography, imitation stone and faux stone (production of rubber panels and siding, with the elastic mould it is possible to impress of the shape of the stone on the cement surface).

    NATURAL LATEX (two types of products):

  • Natural Latex 60 % - one-component - hot reticulation
  • Pre vulcanized Latex - one-component - room temperature or hot reticulation

The latex are one component liquid rubbers usually used for the realization of latex gloves, elastics for physiotherapy, flexible moulds or as adhesives.

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